Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An experiment of sorts - the RESULTS

On January 31st, I posted some of Autumm's fleece on my Alpacanation site, Craiglist, Missouri Wools Yahoo Group, and Local Harvest thinking I'd be lucky to sell it. After all, it wasn't even prime fiber. I had an immediate response from the Missouri Wools group. And I was very surprised to get a response from Craiglist. All in all I sold SEVEN pounds of fleece from four different animals when I had only listed 13 ounces for sale.

Much thanks to my co-worker Robyn who suggested Craiglist. And thank you to my buyers: Debbie who is going to use the fleece for doll hair and Fluffington Farms who will combine the alpaca fleece with fur from their angora rabbits.

So, how & where do you sell your fleece?

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