Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cute, Fluffy Valentine Goodness

On Valentine's Day, I made a visit out to see the alpacas. Morrighan had her first halter lesson and Griffin chose to do his 'dead alpaca' imitation during his halter lesson.

I also delivered some fleece and met the bunnies of Fluffington Farms. Talk about some cute, fluffy goodness! I learned about the different types of Angora rabbits - English, French & Satin.

I also purchased some of Jordan's home made fabric softener. It smells divine and I'm almost excited about doing laundry!
Griffin, 4 months old with his dam, Isis.

Morrighan Noir, 2 1/2 months old

Cute Fluffy Goodness All for You!


  1. What adorable fluffy creatures!

  2. Too cute Deb!!! And, I wish I had a carder and spinning wheel....I'd so relieve you of some of that Alpaca fiber ;-)

  3. Oh, I want an alpaca sooooo bad!