Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Photos

Griffin, 3 months old

Morrighan, 6 weeks old with dam, Liberty

Morrighan hiding behind mom

Just a few pics from today's visit. Morrighan's fleece is coming in nicely. It's crimpy and uniform. Griffin had his second lesson on the halter. He did pretty well. He bucked and jumped around a bit and one point he even threw himself down on the ground. Then he became interested in walking with me once he realized the halter wasn't going to hurt him. His fleece is getting longer and is starting to get a bit of crimp to it.

We also practiced with Marie & Ulysses for the upcoming show in March. We just walked them around and then stood in one place for awhile. Then we walked some more. They did great!
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  1. Beautiful alpacas. Aren't alpacas so much fun!