Tuesday, January 06, 2009


As an alpaca owner I've had some fun 'first' experiences. My first alpaca, Isis....my first shearing day...my first cria. I've even sold some raw fleece, socks and teddy bears. But, today I made my first alpaca sale! I finally feel like a 'real' alpaca breeder and business owner.

Big River Alpacas and Blue Feather Farm have decided to co - purchase Mariposa's Birch Ulysses. He'll be spending six months at Big River Alpacas, which is where he's boarded and six months a year at Blue Feather Farm in Sullivan, Missouri.

Ulysses sweet demeanor and gentle spirit has made him a favorite with a lot of visitors to the farm. With his new owners he'll get his pick of the ladies from two different herds. They're even planning on taking him to the same show in March (MOPACA) that I wanted to take him to. In fact, I'll be transporting him there. So while he's no longer part of Mariposa's herd, I still get to keep tabs on how he's doing which I'm thankful for - I was worried that my first few alpaca sales would be total strangers. I realize that they're livestock and that this is first and foremost a business and I will be likely selling my animals to people I don't know. But, I also put a lot of myself into these animals - figuring out the breedings, analyzing fleece, halter training, etc. So, I'm glad not only to make this very first sale, but to make it to experienced alpaca owners I know and respect.
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